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The Finest Caviar in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a delicious paradise, where the sea meets the land and every type of delicacy can be found. If you find yourself in Hong Kong craving some of the finest Caviar look no further than the Royal Caviar Club. The Royal Caviar HK Club specializes in providing caviar along with the luxury accessories needed to fully enjoy the experience. Even better, The Royal Caviar Club will deliver the caviar to you within the bounds of Hong Kong. The Royal Caviar Club prides itself on the finest selection of caviar's it is able to provide.


A few of the caviar's offered include: Superior Sturgeon: Dark and light brown medium beads. Known for its extraordinarily creamy texture, the superior sturgeon is an excellent caviar for any occasion. Royal Cristal Gold: The large golden beads of this caviar scream luxury and class. The taste is described as nothing but gourmet with a smooth buttery taste. Imperial Beluga Rare: The legendary Beluga Caviar is the pinnacle of the caviar hierarchy. The soft gray beads bring a powerful flavor that is unparalleled to any other variety and leaves a robust aftertaste. 

Champagne & Caviar

A match made in heaven

What makes The Royal Caviar Club the best Caviar in Hong Kong?

Enjoying caviar is more than simple consumption, caviar is an experience that must be provided in full. Not limited to caviar culture, although eating a single dish of Imperial Beluga Rare with no accompaniments would simply be a crime, a waste of the sea's grandest delicacy. To truly enjoy an evening of caviar one must enjoy a range of flavors, a selection of the flavors and consistencies. No single dish of caviar will leave you truly satisfied with the evening. Yet the caviar is only one part of the experience.     


As you savor each delicate bite, what do you intend to drink? Will a plain glass of tap water ensure a memory is made? Hardly, the harshness of the tap water would plunder the gentle aftertaste of your caviar. To truly appreciate the spectrum of flavors offered an appropriate drink must be enjoyed, champagne. The sweet and delicate flavor of the champagne perfectly compliments the caviar and enhances the flavor to new heights. The Royal Caviar Club offers a steady selection of champagnes tailored to the taste of caviar, so as not to overpower. From your classic Veuve Clicquot to the more decadent Dom Perignon, your choice of spirit can make or break your evening.