How to Enjoy Caviar

Easy steps to enjoy RCC caviar in a traditional way

Caviar is simply one of life's greatest pleasures. Here are some tips on how to enjoy our premium caviar in a traditional way.

Step 1 Caviar should always be chilled when served. In the meantime, keep it in the refrigerator between -2 Celsius to 2 Celsius.
Step 2 Opening caviar is pretty easy. Just twist it with a coin.
Step 3 Observe the size and color of the caviar. It can range from light to dark brown or even a gold color. Roe texture should be firm and not smashed.
Step 4 To discover the flavor complexity best, place the caviar on the back of your hand between your thumb and index finger. The warmth will liberate each pearl's aroma.
Step 5 Once the caviar is in your mouth, gently spread the individual eggs on your palate. Good quality caviar should taste clean, buttery and not too salty.
Step 6 Pair caviar with champagne for best results. The bubbles help the aroma flow, whilst merging its complexity with the caviar flavors. Cheers!