Caviar Workshop

Through this caviar appreciation class, gourmands will be able to gain essential knowledge of this fine luxury delicacy in a workshop led by caviar specialist Oksana Dragun. Designed for those with little to no prior knowledge of caviar, Hong Kong’s very first caviar appreciation class is a wonderful way to learn everything you need to know about caviar – from the fascinating history, fun-facts, and tasting culture, to the proper etiquette of serving and appreciating this royal delicacy.

Following the caviar appreciation class, the workshop will continue onto the Caviar Tasting, where guests will be able to apply their newfound tasting etiquette knowledge on five different types of Royal Caviar Club caviar – Royal Cristal Caviar, Imperial Ossetra Caviar, Premium Baerii Caviar, Imperial Beluga Caviar, and Imperial Ossetra Rare.

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