GOLD Cristal Caviar
Royal Cristal GOLD - Caviar

GOLD Cristal Caviar

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Large size glossy grains of Golden Cristal Caviar has a very balanced taste with a delicate buttery touch. Several advantages of  this special type make Cristal caviar became an excellent choice.

Sturgeon:  Gold acipenser schrenckii x huso dauricus

Sturgeon Age: 9 years

Ingredients : Sturgeon roes, salt 3,9%. No preservative added

Colour: Golden colour

Size : 2.8-3.0 mm

Taste Notes: Its eggs are from honey to golden colour, grains are big, round and very firm. Has soft creamy aroma which is ideal for gourmets.

皇家級金水晶魚子醬(Royal Cristal GOLD)的大尺寸非常均衡,每一粒都充滿光澤,具有細膩的牛油香。 這種特殊的優點的使金水晶魚子醬成為世界級的選擇。