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Premium Baerii Caviar
Premium Baerii Caviar

Premium Baerii Caviar

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The caviar produced from roes of mature Baerii sturgeon. Has a rich umami flavour with a long lasting after taste witch is favourite of French Chefs.

Sturgeon type: Acipenser Baerii

Sturgeon Age: 8-9 years

Ingredients : Sturgeon roes, salt 3,9%. No preservative added

Colour: Dark grey

Size : 2.8 mm

Taste Notes: Have tender structure and just melt in your mouth uncovering the subtle rich flavour with a sea notes

黑金西伯利亞魚子醬(Premium Bareli Caviar )來自成熟的西伯利亞鱘魚,鱘魚在水中培養5-7年。其顏色呈棕色、灰色或黑色。魚子尺寸超過2.8毫米。入口香純,帶有輕淡的鮮味。

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