Australian Winter Black Truffle

Australian Winter Black Truffle

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Origin: Manjimup, Australia

Manjimup is now the Australia’s largest truffle supplier that features in the very finest restaurants from around the world

Their taste and aroma are quite tricky to describe but some liken them to 'gourmet mushrooms'. They have pungent, intense, earthy, unique characters and are used in small quantities in cooking.

The Australian truffle season runs from June to August.

How to store: after received wrap the truffle in a new absorbent paper towel, change every 1-2 days, and keep it in a sealed container in the fridge.

原產地: 曼吉馬普, 澳洲


澳洲松露的味道和香氣很難描述,但有些人將它們比作“美食蘑菇”。它們具有辛辣、強烈、樸實、獨特的特性,在烹飪中少量使用。 澳大利亞松露季節從六月持續到八月。


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