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La Clef du Coeur Chocolate (3 Layers)

La Clef du Coeur Chocolate (3 Layers)

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Proudly present our in-house chocolate selections! Perfect for any occasions and you may mix and match the 3 layers as you wish! Below is our selection of chocolate, named after famous cities.

Paris: (pistachio ganache), (coriander ganache), (passion fruit gel and gianduja) and (Madagascar vanilla ganache).

Using only Criollo blend for this flavored boxes. The most rare blend of cocoa beans is combined with some amazing ingredients like the pistachio or vanilla from Madagascar, and also the IGP hazelnut from piedmont but also one have a pairing with coriander.

London: (coffee and 70% chocolate), (pumpkin seed praline and barley sirup ganache),  (cocoa nibs toasted ganache) and (Single origin chocolate 73%)

The box with the most biggest personality Using toasted cocoa nibs to improve the roasted flavor of the cocoa, the well rounded and fruity coffee, the pairing of barley sirup and pumpkin seed, or using a very delicate chocolate.

Hong Kong: (salted butter caramel ganache), (white chocolate ganache infuse with cardamom and lemon), (sudachi caramel ganache) and (long pepper)

Discover some nice combine like sudachi with caramel or the long Pepper. Also our only one white chocolate ganache infuse with cardamom and lemon. But also the classic salted butter caramel