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Imperial Ossetra GOLD - Out of Stock - Caviar
Imperial Ossetra GOLD - Out of Stock - Caviar

Royal Albino Caviar

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Royal Albino Caviar is unique caviar with clean, sweet, crisp and "nutty" flavor gently fills your palate after every single grain lightly pops in your mouth. The medium sized grains has noble golden color with glossy appearance.

Sturgeon type:  Aciperser Ruthenus

Sturgeon Age:   8 years

Ingredients : Sturgeon roes, salt 3,9%. No preservative added

Colour: Beautiful golden colour

Size : 2.7 mm

Taste Notes:  This caviar has unique gold colour. Its eggs are firm with a generous creamy taste and nice notes of walnuts.  

Royal Albino Caviar 是獨一無二的魚子醬,清香、甜美、清脆,每一粒魚子輕輕地在你的嘴裡爆發,「堅果」風味輕輕地填滿你的味覺。 中等大小的顆粒具有高貴的金黃色和光澤的外觀。