Caviar Mooncake

Royal Caviar Club’s Caviar Mooncakes

This year’s Royal Caviar Club caviar mooncake features a snow skin coating that is filled to the brim with a combination of luscious premium Imperial Ossetra caviar paired with either cream cheese filling or fresh Madagascan vanilla filling. Caviar is a healthy major source of vitamins and minerals, famously providing the daily adult requirement of vitamin B12 within a single serving. Not only does caviar offer a myriad of health benefits for the heart and brain, RCC’s caviar mooncakes offer a much lower sugar, fat, and calorie content than traditional mooncakes. Added with Chef Gael’s delicate craftsmanship, the caviar mooncakes are beautifully balanced in flavors with the cream cheese and vanilla fillings, sure to appeal to the city’s most discerning palates.


Each limited-edition luxury gift box is priced at HK$680 and contains 3 caviar x cream cheese mooncakes and 3 caviar x vanilla mooncakes. Early bird orders are now available at a discounted pricing of HK$580 per box until 21st August, visit our page for more information. For corporate or bulk orders, please contact us at for special pricing details.