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Rare Imperial Ossetra Dutch
Rare Imperial Ossetra Dutch

Rare Imperial Ossetra Dutch

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Rare Imperial Ossetra Dutch is a unique caviar from the Netherlands, with a clean, sweet, crisp and light nutty flavour, it gently fills your palate after every single grain lightly pops in your mouth. The medium size grains has a grey color with a glossy appearance.

Sturgeon type:  Acipenser Gueldenstadtii

Sturgeon Age:   10 years

Ingredients : Sturgeon roes, salt 3,4%. No preservative added

Colour: Beautiful grey colour

Size : 2.7 mm

Taste Notes:  This caviar has a unique gold colour. Its eggs are firm with a generous creamy taste and nice notes of walnuts.  

Rare Imperial Ossetra Dutch 是獨一無二的魚子醬,清香、甜美、清脆,每一粒魚子輕輕地在你的嘴裡爆發,「堅果」風味輕輕地填滿你的味覺。 中等大小的顆粒具有高貴的金黃色和光澤的外觀。

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